Year 7 ‘Amazing Architects!’

Year 7 took part in a mini architect project this term! They investigated the work of artist Barbara Gilhooly and created these lovely bright buildings that we exhibited in class over the wall ( a huge artwork!) Well done year 7 🙂 P1090901


Year 8 Art students celebrating Black History Month


Our year 8 students investigated the work of contemporary artist Kehinde Wiley and individually created these brightly coloured patterned circles in response to his work. The work was then exhibited on stage during the Black History Month Celebration concert, where over 100 of them could be seen! A very impressive sight! Well done year 8!

‘Warhol Croydon’ Walking Tour

To celebrate 30 years of Andy Warhol, students from year 8 went on a walking tour with the Rise Gallery in Croydon to see contemporary art inspired by Warhol. At the end of the tour we went to the Rise Gallery and got to see an original ‘Campbell Soup Tin’ by Warhol himself!